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Moments of Truth

Moments of Truth

Your public services are at breaking point. Hear from the people who provide them – and their personal, and often frank stories of the tremendous pressures they face.

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Need help with school uniform costs? Closing date 20 July 2018 (11/06/18)
IMPORTANT: Recent proposals from St Anne's (14/02/17)

Dear Members,

I am writing to you in regards to the recent proposals from St Anne’s.

As you will all now be aware management have proposed that all employees, on the old terms and conditions, will be moved onto the new terms and conditions effective from 26th June 2017. They have decided that support workers and support assistants in the organisation will have an increase in their salary – this is for staff already working for the organisation and for new starters.

All staff including staff who have TUPE transferred into the organisation will have their sick pay entitlement significantly reduced. St Anne’s are proposing a buyout scheme which it is intending will be on a pro rata basis to recognise time served and contracted hours. The buyout will see a maximum payout of £800.00 after tax and NI for staff who have more than 6 years service and who work full-time hours, this will not depend on how much you earn. They are also proposing that you do not receive any sick pay for the first three days of absence on any occasion of sickness absence. As you would expect Unison is very concerned about these proposals as we feel that it will be putting both clients and staff at risk. If staff are attending work ill and passing their ailments onto vulnerable clients and colleagues, this could potentially result in serious consequences for the organisation.

We were made aware of the proposed changes on 1st February 2017. We have been given a schedule of dates in regard to proposed discussions with the St Anne’s senior management and human resources team.

We would like to hear from you our members about how you feel about these proposals and how you would like us to respond to management at the forthcoming meetings.

Previously when we have had proposed changes we have had a number of union members asking us “How is the union going to deal with this?” I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that you are the union and we take our instructions from you.

It is extremely important that all union members have their say so that our position reflects what you think which will then determine our stance on the matter. It is not the responsibility of the stewards to decide what is in your best interests it is up to you. Many people say “that is what I pay my subscription for,” well stewards also pay their subscription and they cannot just make decisions on what is or isn’t acceptable to you the membership. Previously we have been accused by some of not reflecting the views of our members or just agreeing to changes. On this occasion I need to make it absolutely clear that we will consult widely and regularly and also ballot you on the final proposals so please let us know how you feel about these proposed changes.

I think it also important to inform anyone that is considering signing up to these changes that if you are one of those staff signing up to the changes that will go onto the lowest hourly rate of £7.53 the NMW rises from the current £7.20 to £7.50 on the 1st April 2017.

The Branches Annual General Meeting is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 8th March 2017 commencing at 11am and finishing at 2pm at Leeds Head Office. All union members are welcome, and advised, to attend this important meeting so please do your utmost to attend.

If you are unable to attend the above meeting please can I ask that you send us an email as this allows us to take your views into account when we next meet management.

You can email me at tracy.brown@st-annes.org.uk or tracybrown764@btinternet.com.

Yours Sincerely

Tracy Brown
Branch Secretary


Your Branch Needs You!

Representatives are the backbone of UNISON. UNISON St. Anne’s is always looking for new activists and members who will help build the union. The uniqueness of our branch in that we cover the whole of Yorkshire, Humberside and the north east means that we are seeking more representatives to assist in areas where we currently have no cover.

As a workplace representative you can:

  • Talk to, recruit and organise members around workplace issues.
  • Talk to members about workplace problems, advise them and keep them informed of latest developments.
  • Represent members in your workplace.
  • Be involved in how your branch and union is run.

So have a look around you, in your workplace – which of your colleagues and fellow union members would you want fighting your corner? Or perhaps you, yourself, feel you could stand up for your workmates, should the need arise.

We also need workplace contacts who provide the link between branch and members, spreading information and helping to build UNISON in workplaces.

Being a workplace representative is sometimes hard and challenging, but always rewarding. You would receive training and support from the Branch Office and no previous experience is necessary. You would also be entitled to paid time off from work to attend training courses and meetings and to fulfil your union duties.

Please consider contacting us for more information - you would only need to be nominated by two colleagues who are members of the union to be able to get started.


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Become a Retired Member of UNISON

Retired Members

As a UNISON member you benefited from the essential cover that membership of the union gave you. Now that you’ve retired you can still have access to our range of benefits and deals and play an active part in your union by becoming a retired member.

It costs just £15 to become a retired member. This one off payment means you can:

  • participate in UNISON’s democracy
  • have a voice on issues that matter to you
  • benefit from a wide range of exclusive member discounts that can save you and your family money when you are shopping, buying insurance or looking for a holiday.

You qualify to become a retired member if you were a UNISON member continuously for at least two years on the day you retired. Download an application for here...


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