What are Self Organised Groups?

UNISON makes sure everybody has a voice in the union. Our 'self-organised groups' include those who are traditionally under represented, while young and retired members also come together to work on key issues affecting them.

Young Members

Young workers need UNISON. UNISON needs young members. For most of us being a young worker is a fantastic experience - a satisfying job, learning new skills, making money and new friends. Sadly, for many young people it just isn't like that. Low pay, dangerous jobs, harassment, and bullying can make working a nightmare.

Over 75,000 young workers have already made the decision to join UNISON. They are already making a significant impact in the union's bargaining and campaigning agenda. Check out the national website for more information.

Retired Members

UNISON works to raise awareness of issues which concern older people and to influence decision makers. Our priorities include:

  • Pensioner poverty
  • Health care and age discrimination
  • Isolation and mobility issues

We believe our union should reflect the society we live and work in. There are more than 10 million elderly people in the UK. Retired and working members have a shared interest in obtaining decent incomes in older age, a universal health service and the creation of a civilised society.

Today's workers are tomorrow's pensioners and UNISON's members work in public services on which many older people rely.


Disabled Members
UNISON's priorities on disability are led by the union's own disabled members. We help disabled members by fighting discrimination and campaigning and organising at workplace, regional and national levels.

UNISON women campaign in a self-organised group for equality in the workplace and for improvements to women's rights in the workplace and in the wider community.

Black Members
Black members in UNISON play a key role in winning equality in the workplace,
actively challenge racism wherever it is found, and are at the forefront of UNISON's organising work. As black members in UNISON we work together to win positive change in the workplace. The more of us that are actively involved the stronger we become.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members
UNISON fights discrimination and prejudice in the workplace on behalf of its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) members. We work together in local and national groups of LGBT members to campaign and provide support for our members.

Yorkshire & Humberside Region SOGS

Find out how to get involved with regional SOG activities here...

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